Kalamos in Evia, Greece, is known for its natural beauty and offers various activities for visitors.
What to do in Kalamos, Evia - Tota Marinou

What to do in Kalamos, Evia

  • Beach Activities: Kalamos is located near the coast, and you can enjoy the beautiful beaches. Relax, swim, or engage in water sports if available.
  • Hiking and Nature Trails: Explore the surrounding natural landscapes. Evia is known for its diverse terrain, including mountains and forests. Check for local hiking trails to enjoy nature walks.
  • Visit Monasteries and Churches: Evia has historical monasteries and churches. Explore the cultural and religious heritage by visiting some of these sites.
  • Watersports: Depending on the season and local facilities, you may have the opportunity to try watersports such as canoeing, snorkeling, or windsurfing.
  • Visit Nearby Villages: Explore nearby villages to experience the local culture, interact with residents, and discover hidden gems.
  • Bird Watching: Evia is known for its birdlife. If you enjoy bird watching, consider bringing binoculars and exploring the local bird habitats.
  • Relaxation: If your goal is to unwind, take advantage of the serene atmosphere. Find a quiet spot, read a book, or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings.